Is there an international conspiracy to control our fertility?

Yes. The foundations set up by wealthy eugenicists, usually white men, people like to fund agencies and health providers who dispense drugs and devices to young and poor women because they prefer birth control methods that are under a medical provider’s control.

Female’s reproductive behavior is a major concern to all social planners; the science of demography was developed in 18th century to study birth and death rates. Laws prohibiting abortion result in higher birth rates, producing more workers, soldiers, and laws allowing abortion result in lower birth rates. The sudden rise in the birth rate after the Second World War produced the “population bomb”, and public policymakers reversed this trend through getting states to reform abortion laws in the mid-century. Finally, the Roe v. Wade decision made abortion legal throughout the United States. Today, so many females are using birth control and deciding to not have families, that the birth rate is so low that American females are not having enough children to replace the former generation.

While claiming to be morally against abortion, our state and federal legislators are trying to raise the birth rate by outlawing abortion, at least in some states. Religious leaders are organizing grass-roots protests in front of clinics attempting to coerce females to carry their pregnancy. The irony of the current situation is that females (often with the cooperation of their male partners) have historically regulated how many children they have according to their ability to give them a good life. They have not needed the state to interfere by passing laws to force them to produce more or fewer children. If the cost of giving birth and providing housing, child care and education were not prohibitively high, many females today would have a child.

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