How can I do a uterine size check for early signs of pregnancy?

With the help of a friend or lover, you can have a uterine size check done at home. No special equipment or protection is needed, not even plastic gloves, although the friend who’s examining you might feel more comfortable wearing them. Someone who has previously done this procedure with different women is preferable for detecting uterine changes during pregnancy, because they have learned how to feel the size and shape and texture of the uterus by gently bouncing the uterus between their two hands, and they have learned to detect the variations between different uteri. For example, the uterus is about the size of a large, unshelled walnut or a plum if the woman is not pregnant. The uterus of a woman who is about seven weeks pregnant is about the size of a lemon; nine weeks, the size of an orange; and 12 weeks about the size of a grapefruit. Comparing uterine sizes to fruit sizes is helpful to describe uterine size in common, non-technical terms.

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