Gonorrhea (V.D., Clap, The Drip)

A sexually transmitted (venereal) disease caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrheae. It is transmitted from a person carrying gonorrhea when one mucous membrane comes into contact with another mucous membrane, or when a warm, moist part of the body comes into contact with that of another. If untreated it can cause sever infection and sterility. 50 to 80% of women infected with gonorrhea do not notice any discomfort for the first few weeks or even months of the disease. Signs of gonorrhea are a cervical discharge of green or yellow-green pus that is irritating to the clitoris. Some women feel a burning on urination or have a swelling of the meatus. A mushroom-like odor may be present. A continuous low back pain or vague pain in the lower abdomen are other signs.

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