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Thanking the many who've paved the way and all the women who continue to break ground today

Women's Health Specialists

Cedar River Clinics

Carol Downer

Suzann Gage

Sherry Shiffer

Francie Hornstein

Carol Downer's co founders:

Lorraine Rothman

Lynn Heidelberg

Barbara Seaman Free and Female & The Doctor’s Case Against the Pill

The Jane Collective

Boston Women’s Health Collective wrote the newsprint pamphlet that became Our Bodies, Ourselves

Lolly Hirsch

Jeanne Hirsch

Lorraine Rothman

Becky Chalker

Sandra Sullaway

Ginny Cassidy-Brinn

Kathy Hodge

Shelly Farber

The beautiful and anatomically accurate illustrations are by Suzann Gage.  They are taken from A New View of a Woman’s Body.

The photographs of women’s genitalia, vaginas and cervixes were taken by Sylvia Morales. Several are from The Beautiful Cervix Project.  Thanks to the many women who allowed us to photograph them on our trip across the country in 1975.

The health information on our site is curated from many references, the majority can be attributed to the Women’s Health Specialists, and Cedar Rivers Clinics. Much is based on How to Stay Out of the Gynecologist’s Office and A New View of a Woman’s Body.  These books were written collectively by Feminist Women’s Health Center Staff who came to Los Angeles from around the country, affectionately called “The Book Team”.

The 2018 iteration of this website is a collaborative effort between Carol Downer, Pamela Samuelson, Corinne Loperfido and Cindi Schultz

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