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NATURAL HEALING IN GYNECOLOGY, A Manual for Women, Rina Nissim, 1986.

Rina is Swiss and has been active in the women’s health movement since 1972.  She completed her nurses training in 1975 and was a founder member of the Dispensaire de Femmes, a women’s health center collective in Geneva. (We have found two different covers for this very same book. Internally each one is the same, to the best of our knowledge)

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TOUCH ME, TOUCH-ME-NOT, Women, Plants and Healing, Shodhini, 1997.

Shodhini (Hindu for “woman researcher”) is a group of women health activists from across the country. In 1987, they came together and with Rina Nissim, took the basic self-help model of learning to do pelvic exams and combined it with relearning traditional healing methods, which they spread around the country. Their self-help approach has led them to discover treatments for common gynecological problems, including various herbs. This book reviews their ten-year history and their self-help method philosophy, which includes respect for each woman’s experience.

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Academic Research on Self-Help

The Speculum of Ignorance

The Women’s Health Movement and Epistemologies of Ignorance

Immodest Witnessing: The Epistemology of Vaginal Self-Examination in the U.S.Feminist Self-Help Movement by Michelle Murphy

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Currently, we are working truly hard to receive permission from women who’ve written on self-help and their experiences.  So if you are one of the authors we are looking please contact us; so that we can share your art with the world.  Or if you’ve written of your experience with self-help and would love to share it with the world Please Contact Us!

· For Example:  THE NEW ABORTIONISTS, Is this liberation or is it disaster?, By ANN JAPENGA, Illustrations by MATT MAHURIN; In November 1991, IN HEALTH Magazine

· MENSTRUAL EXTRACTION IN MIDWIFERY PRACTICE AS A WOMAN-CENTERED ALTERNATIVE TO CLINICAL ABORTION, A Division III Project by Jesse Natha Kimler, In the School of Social Science, Hampshire College, Spring 2002.  At the time listed: Marlene Gerber Fried as Chairperson; Stephanie Levin and Elizabeth Conlisk as Member(s)



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