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The Feminist Women’s Health Specialists developed a very useful slideshow presentation with a series of pictures of healthy and normal cervixes.  This can be used to orient a group of women...please enjoy.

English presentation and Spanish presentation...

How to Start your own Self-Help Clinic

In order for self-help...to be the strategy that allowed women to “break-through”...women everywhere would need to know about it. Helped along by the presence in Los Angeles of thousands of women attending a NOW (National Organization for Women) convention in August 1971, self-help began to spread across the nation. After distributing a flyer announcing just one hour-long meeting about self examination, the original self help group found themselves sharing self-help with small groups of women non-stop throughout the entire conference. Leaving the meeting room with their speculums in brown paper bags, these women went back to their local NOW chapters and started spreading the word. In October, Downer and Rothman went on a six-week cross-country tour (via Greyhound bus!), sharing self-help...with women everywhere from Wichita to New York City. Many long-lasting groups resulted.

Excerpt from  “History of Self Help Clinic” by Cindy Pearson

On Sunday, May 31, 2009 Carol Downer and Aracely Hernandez hosted a successful self-vaginal exam demonstration.  The following is a step-by-step procedure of all the outreach and work done to host a successful self-vaginal exam demonstration...Enjoy and please let us know if this example is helpful or what other example you/group came up with.

Interested in demonstrating Self-Vaginal Exams (Slideshow)?…please click


On Friday, June 19, 2009 at a swap meet in East Los Angeles; Carol Downer and Aracely Hernandez organized a stall as a follow-up to the Self-Help Clinic.  Some of our goals were to commemorate George Tiller, sell speculums, learn how to approach women on the street with information and products of self-help, etc.  The following pictures are of the stall display and of Carol and Aracely...please enjoy.  And if you have any questions or want us to assist in doing the same please contact us.

We want to highlight an individual who presents self-help in and around the Los Angeles community.  If you are interested in connecting with Pati Garcia please visit her blogspot.

Chula Doula

Pati Garcia's presentation at the Pharaohs Den


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