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What Is Self Help?

Self-Help creates a space either in reality or in cyberspace where women can share information about our bodies and health care in a non-judgmental, caring way.

In your home

You can use your speculum and do self-exam to apply this knowledge at home.

With other women

You can reach out to your friends and acquaintances to share self-vaginal exam in a group setting. You can discover solutions together to everyday health concerns and feel glad.

Practical Applications of Self-Help

You can get the benefit of knowledge about different women's health concerns that has been gathered by self helpers over the years.

Women writing on Self-Help

The Self-Help Method is Global

Women around the world have used the self-help method we developed to set up health projects. For example, in India, in the mid-1980’s, women’s health groups established a group called Shodhini (in the Indian language, shodhini means “researcher”). Their small group used self-examination with the speculum to learn about their bodies. They became "barefoot gynecologists" and then went on to gain the knowledge to challenge the Western medical approach on many of the health problems in India, such as using herbs to deal with women's common health problems. They are now reviving traditional approaches to controlling the spread of malaria and treating malaria with the many medicinal herbs found in the vast Indian forests. drugs to combat malaria instead of preventing infection and using herbs.


Please Contact Us!

Currently, we are working truly hard to receive permission from women who’ve written or created art on self-help and their experiences. So if you are one of the authors or artists we are looking for, please contact us so that we can share your writing and your art with those who view our website.. If you’ve written of your experience with self-help and want to share it. Please Contact Us!

Thank You Enjoy!


Women talk about when they did Self-Help

Academic Research on Self-Help

Asserting yourself at the doctors office

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