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Introduction to Contributions

The construction of this website is made possible by the financial and advisory support of Women’s Health Specialists, a Feminist Women’s Health Center, located in Chico, Sacramento, Redding and Santa Rosa.  Jude Hanzo is a key advisor.

             Aracely Hernandez designed the website.  Heidi Barnes assisted in uploading the website onto the internet.

             The beautiful and anatomically accurate illustrations are by Suzann Gage.  They are taken from A New View of a Woman’s Body.

             The photographs of women’s genitalia, vaginas and cervixes were taken by Sylvia Morales.  Thanks to the many women who allowed us to photograph them on our trip across the country in 1975.

             Much of the health information is either from the websites of the Women’s Health Specialists, or the Cedar Rivers Clinics or based on How to Stay Out of the Gynecologist’s Office or A New View of a Woman’s Body.  These books were written collectively by Feminist Women’s Health Center Staffs who came to Los Angeles from around the country who were called “The Book Team”.


To contact us:

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Phone : 323-960-5026
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E-Mail: whwh@womenshealthinwomenshands.org

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