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The WHWH Vision

Women’s Health in Women’s Hands is dedicated to a world wherein every aspect of health care that differentially impacts female bodies, especially reproduction and sexuality, is under the collective and individual control of their owners through feminist-controlled health care institutions

Access to Birth Control and Abortion
Equal Pay
Access to Child and Health Care
State Support for Children
Equal Opportunity for Education

Participatory group
Judgement free
Decolonize our bodies
Decision making

History of The Women's Health and Self Help movements

You Have The Women's Health Movement and WHWH To Thank If You

  • Have ever been given options on health treatment
  • Know what a cervix is
  • Own your own speculum
  • Have been shown your cervix and vagina during a gynecological exam
  • Have purchased an over-the-counter vaginal remedy or pregnancy test.
  • Avoided an unnecessary hysterectomy
  • Had natural childbirth
  • Had your friend or partner present at the birth
  • Avoided unnecessary intervention in childbirth or cesarean section
  • Have been given your choice of birth control
  • Considered or had a legal abortion
  • Have used donor insemination
  • Were given informed consent for the birth control pill or IUD
  • Were offered a cervical cap as a birth control option
  • Heard the health risks associated with breast implants, hormone replacement therapy, depo provera injections or norplant
  • Went in with any woman in your life for an exam, abortion or consultation

Women's Health in Women's Hands has a Pro-Woman Agenda which comes from the perspective that in order for a woman to control her sexuality and reproduction, learning about her body is crucial and enjoying the full spectrum of her sexual and reproductive rights is exactly that: her right.


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